Our outdoor laser taggers are designed for accurate long range game play, which takes place in our private woods on the edge of Milton Keynes.

Our laser taggers have a range of over 250 metres, even on a bright sunny day. To add extra “spice and zip” to our games, players can choose between a variety of laser taggers. Some shoot at a very rapid rate, others have higher hit points.

At Sabotage Laser, our games take place within our private woodland. What could be better than stealthily moving your way through acres of woodland with barricades, trenches, secret paths, bridges and hard cover areas. At Sabotage you play in the great outdoors, in all weathers with great equipment.

Our Outdoor Laser Taggers have varying stats (rate of fire, ‘damage’, reload times, magazine sizes etc), meaning that each type performs completely differently.

The back bone of our laser tag arsenal, fully automatic with a 250rpm rate of fire
A laser tagger for the more energetic players; a hi cap mag fully automatic combined with a high 550rpm rate of fire

At Sabotage Laser we strive to bring the best, most complete outdoor Laser Tag experiences possible to our customers. Our events are completely inclusive with cutting edge Laser Taggers and unlimited ammo.

Contact us on: info@sabotage-events.com